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Cathy`s Beauty Salon Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Tuesday, May 10th 2016 6:12pm

We have reached a huge landmark recently as we celebrated 20 years in business as Cathy`s Beauty Salon which we are extremely proud to announce. I don`t believe there are many salons of any description in the Armagh or surrounding areas that have survived for so long, and we haven`t just survived by any means but thrived and prospered, and with the help of our wonderful customers who we class as our friends long may it continue!

Beauty Salon 20th Anniversary

I believe there are a few reasons why we have survived for so long in what has been a tough economic climate for much of the time. One reason is that we have always kept in touch with all the current trends and styles in the beauty industry so that we have been able to pass these on to our clients. You can never stand still in this industry as trends and technologies change so fast that you will soon be left behind.

Another reason why we are still thankfully so popular is that we have always invested in the newest equipment so we can provide the best possible service. Beauty techniques have moved forward so much over the last few years and there is so much more we can now do to help people look their very best each and every day. And we have also invested in our staff over the years in that we have provided them with the opportunity to gain the right qualifications and give them the experience to perform a number of beauty treatments.

We have always valued our customer service and we know that it is so important when clients come to our beauty salon that they feel totally relaxed and at ease in the surroundings, we want them to come in, be pampered and enjoy their day in a friendly atmosphere. We also ensure that the salon is always looking good and so it is an enjoyable experience calling in for all of our customers.

So a big thank you to all of you who have visited over the last 20 years, and we do hope that you will keep visiting us for the next 20 years!! And if you want to book an appointment you can either fill in the form on the website or give us a ring on 028 3751 1311.


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